Me, tobacco-free: two apps to quit smoking

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Me, tobacco-free: two apps to quit smoking

Message par MattBurditt1 » mer. 1 juil. 2020 11:24

The best resolutions are often difficult to maintain over time. Nothing is more true than for smoking cessation. If the motivation is there, the Stop-tabac and Tabac Info Service apps provide you with the support you need on a daily basis.

Getting rid of a (bad) habit that has been around for decades often seems overwhelming. When the entourage is lacking, we can rely on apps, whose support is foolproof.

Absurdity is fleeting pleasure like a cigarette that is smoked while laughing while knowing that it is harmful," said the American writer Norman Mailer. Overwrite the last one, without ever turning it on again? Easier to write than to do. Willpower is paramount. Without it, nothing is to be considered. The context must be ideally chosen and the motivations solid. Then, to support withdrawal, in addition to medical advice and products to relieve withdrawal symptoms, it is important to have the support of those around you and to resort to diversionary activities.

On the latter two criteria in particular, the app can be of great help. And in particular in the section “I want”, when the need to smoke arises without wanting to dissipate: we can ask the coach, who hastens to invite us, through twenty written messages corresponding to the most popular situations , "List the three most important personal reasons that made you decide to stop" . This same coach awards the most tenacious badges to crown the steps taken. We will also appreciate the counter of days without tobacco, the euros saved, the days of life gained or the number of cigarettes that we did not smoke while laughing, but that we can rejoice in not smoking.

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